Swisstex Direct is committed to a green future

A Culture of Responsibility

At Swisstex, we adhere to a green corporate philosophy, with a full range of earth-friendly production and business practices that reduce waste and save natural resources. We pass this eco-advantage on to our clients, in the knowledge that their fabrics were produced to a higher standard and efficiency.


Partnerships and Certifications

As a proud bluesign® system partner, we ensure our facility meets industry standards, and combine aspects of consumer safety, water, and air emissions, as well as occupational health.

With its practical and solution-orientated approach, the bluesign® standard creates transparency along the whole textile production chain without compromising functionality, quality, or design.

Sustainable Products

Organic Cotton
Recycled Cotton
Recycled Polyester
Recycled Nylon
Biodegradable Synthetics

Committed to a green future

We are continuously searching for ways to minimize our environmental footprint. As a result, we consume half the energy in our facility as the typical dyeing facility in the United States - with even greater savings over comparable facilities worldwide - measured in resources consumed per pound of fabric dyed.

Swisstex firmly believes in the recycling, reuse of all material possible. You will not find the use of any carriers for polyester dyeing or any resins or Formaldehydes that would be used for shrinkage control.

Energy & Emissions

The only textile company in California utilizing a Thermal Oxidizing system creating cleaner air and lower gas usage.


Natural Gas is the main source of energy utlizing low Nox gas burners.


50% less electricity used in lighting due to improvements of office and plant manufacturing lighting.


Low Impact commitment leads to alternative finishing procedures, avoiding the use of extremely harsh chemicals that are harmful to humans & the environment.


Input Stream management methods from bluesign® help to ensure polluting substances from the production process are eliminated from the beginning. Not only does this apply to the individual consumer but also in terms of consumer protection requirements worldwide.


30% increase in capacity in both of our facilities with the addition of brand new machinery that run at a better operating efficiency and provide better resource management.


An exemplary global leader in water consumption and usage.


Repurposed water is used in combination with computerized automated controls to ensure best water savings.


We make our water count. The average textile manufacturing uses 20 gallons/lb. while our average water usage is 3 gallons/lb.


Through our state of the art Waste Water Recovery System, we are able to recover the waste water energy to preheat incoming cold water.

Industry & Sustainably Certified


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